When picking up advice from the web it's always important to know the commercial interests of those giving it. Particularly on investment matters.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the horse's mouth for any tax regulations.

Martin Lewis has the pre-eminent independent site covering basic money management skills, with much practical advice and information.

The FSA has upgraded it's efforts at consumer education. and has a competent basic site. Although it is careful not to bite any of the hands that feed it.

Incademy is an investor advice site with a good range of clear explanations. Incademy's business is running courses so it is careful to cover all bases and not to upset potential customers.

A good US site: Investopedia. Includes a really comprehensive dictionary of terms, provided you speak American.

We used to have a link to BBC2's Working Lunch , in the days when it was good at presenting relevant financial matters with a light touch. Now it's been dumbed down to light entertainment - consistent, we suppose, with the BBC's policies on arts and current affairs.

The UK Shareholders Association (UKSA) is a private organisation that promotes the interests of private shareholders, conducts periodic campaigns to correct specific injustices, has growing influence and deserves support.

Recommended books and other sources can be found at the end of the Advanced Investing module in More Advanced



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