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Here's a plan
Do these five things and you are 95% of the way there. Most people don't get that far. We call this the 5/95 plan.

1) Protect yourself and your family from catastrophic loss
This means: insure against those events that you just cannot cope with. Learn more in Protection

2) Repay high-cost debt
This certainly means all credit card debt, and almost certainly means all debt except your mortgage. Learn more in Handling Debts

3) Build a cash cushion
You need some cash for emergencies. Or access to cash, which is just as good. Learn more in Cash Cushion

4) Buy your own house
It's as good an investment as any. And you know something about it. And you're going to be around to look after it. Learn more in Own your House

5) Repay your mortgage
This is likely to be as good an option as any investment you might make. Unless you're a professional. Learn more in Repaying your Mortgage

If you do these five things, and in that order, you'll be doing better than 95% of the population. And you must do these things before you get to the tricky bit.

What's the tricky bit?
Well, there are two things:

  • You have to prepare for the future
  • You have to invest your savings, if you are lucky enough to have any

You do this by learning the three features of financial life for the financially successful: saving, investing and planning.

'Saving' is.....
....what happens when you spend less than you earn. Learn more about Saving

'Investing' is......
......what you do with your savings. Learn more about Investing

'Planning' is.....
A process of balancing your lifestyle and your work habits and expectations against your financial needs for the rest of your life to come to the best compromise for you. Learn more about Planning

What next
Follow the eight steps of the Foundation. The first five steps will deliver the 5/95 plan. After that, even if you are not yet a saver look at the three steps of Saving, Investing and Planning. At your own pace, over the next year or two, follow those steps and use the advice to reach your own conclusions about how you want to influence your financial future.

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