Foundation Saving
Saving is not something you do. It's something that happens to you as a consequence of how you live.

What is 'Saving'?
Saving happens when your income exceeds your expenditure. So it's a consequence of three sets of decisions:

  • your lifestyle choices, which set your spending levels,
  • your work habits and career choices, which set your earned income, and
  • your past saving and investment decisions, which set your investment income.

The consequence of saving is 'savings'. The act of directing your savings is 'investment'. 95% of financial advice concentrates on investment, because that's the fun part (and the part that makes money for the financial services industry). We think that 95% of your concentration should be on saving - the process by which you take in more than you give out.

We are not qualified to give you any advice on this. But we think it so important that we have a separate page, Life and Work, on which we will accumulate links and sources as we learn of them

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